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Jaime Pressly: I always get confused with Margot Robbie | entertainment news


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Jaime Pressly is often confused with Margot Robbie.

The 45-year-old actress has revealed that people frequently mistake her for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star.

Jaime shared: “The celebrity I get mistaken for is Margot Robbie. It happens all the time.”

The Hollywood star also insisted that there is much more to her than meets the eye.

She told Us Weekly: “The biggest misconception about being labeled ‘beautiful’ is that that’s all you are and you don’t have a brain or anything to back it up, which couldn’t be further from the truth. “.

Jaime has also offered some advice to aspiring actresses, encouraging them to “learn the trade” as well as his lines.

She said: “My advice to up-and-coming actresses would be to learn the business, not just your lines, but the business: how it works, what your rights are, and to stay true to yourself.”

Jaime has starred in a host of movies and TV shows during his career, including ‘Not Another Teen Movie,’ ‘Joe Dirt,’ and ‘I Love You, Man.

But she’s perhaps best known for playing Joy Turner on the NBC sitcom “My Name Is Earl,” and she’d love to reprise that role one day.

She said: “Of all my projects, the one I’d love to reboot or revisit is ‘My Name Is Earl’.”

Outside of his career, Jaime enjoys spending time with his children: 15-year-old Dezi, and five-year-old twins Lenon and Leo.

The actress explained that she loves to rediscover things when she is with her children.

She said: “My favorite thing about being a mom is being able to see my children’s experience and see new things for the first time. It makes it new for me.”

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