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BVCI introduces CADT stablecoin, the first fully fiat-backed compliant cryptocurrency in Canada and custodied by Wyth Trust, a federally regulated Canadian financial institution.


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TORONTO, December 2, 2022 /CNW/ – As the big trading houses that once thrived on arbitrage of price differences recede after the collapse of FTX, many players, including both large and dark quant funds, are reducing positions or even closing shops, which which increases pricing. volatility of cryptocurrencies across the board. The FTX crash may encourage professional traders to look for ways to avoid placing collateral on any centralized platform, for example, by using major brokerages instead. Yet even in these Wild West days of crypto markets, stablecoins can be a source of stability in the world of digital assets.

The next generation of digital payment solutions (CNW Group/Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.)

The next generation of digital payment solutions (CNW Group/Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.)

CADT is the first fully compliant cryptocurrency in Canada and is fully backed in Canadian dollars (CAD).

What is stablecoin?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is linked or tied to that of another currency, commodity, or financial instrument. The strength and stability of any stablecoin it is determined by the asset to which it is linked and the mechanism by which it is linked to the underlying asset. A stablecoinwhen implemented correctly, it can be an effective way to facilitate common transactions with very little volatility.

Though Bitcoin still the most popular cryptocurrencyIt is similar to many popular cryptocurrencies in that it suffers from high volatility in its price or exchange rate, because in addition to being used for transactions, it is often used for investment and/or speculation. Volatility can be great for traders, but it turns routine transactions like purchases of goods and services into risky speculation for the buyer and seller.

This has completely excluded many potential users from the use of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies. A merchant is more likely to accept a cryptocurrency for payment, if they don’t have to worry about having a loss if the price of a cryptocurrency take the plunge after they get paid.

Introduction to CADT stablecoin by BVCI (Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.)

the CADT stablecoin it is a fiat-backed and tokenized security. Unlike other stablecoins, CADT is the first fully supported cryptocurrency in Canada and each CADT is fully backed by Canadian dollars (CAD) held in escrow in an account with Wyth Trust, a federally regulated Canadian financial institution.

the CADT stablecoin was developed solely to facilitate cashless transactions and achieve the ultimate goal of near zero money-to-money transfer costs, and as such has invested heavily in ensuring that the mechanisms by which it is linked to the Canadian dollar are safe and secure . for your users.

CADT is fully backed, which means there is no leverage of client funds. For each CADT issued, $1 CAD is deposited in an escrow account, ensuring that the exchange ratio is always 1:1, 1 CADT=$1 SCOUNDREL. Both can be exchanged at any time through a C$-denominated checking or savings account at a reputable Canadian financial institution and the issued CADT and corresponding Canadian dollars are reconciled to the bank’s monthly transaction book to ensure the anchor remains fully funded/supported.

CADT is fully supported and enabled by a unique technology, BVC-Chain, a public and decentralized blockchain that combines the advantages of Ripple and Ethereal blockchains, and was specifically designed to ensure the stability of the $1 Support from CAD to 1 CADT.

CADT with BVC-Chain, allows CADT to serve as a true medium of exchange and assures those who accept it, that it will maintain its purchasing power with respect to CAD.

BVCI has also made it easier to settle digital asset transactions with the launch of its BvcPay app, which can perform 24-hour real-time settlement of digital asset transactions, providing an efficient, convenient and low-cost method of making payments and transfers. using CADT.

By combining BVC-Chain, BvcPay and CADT, BVCI has built a blockchain ecosystem that combines a new cryptocurrency with traditional financial instruments to facilitate and promote individual and commercial transactions in a safe, fast and stable manner.

SOURCE Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.



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